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Reliable Links

Not Everything you read on the internet is true; Try these 'reliable' links and remember be safe while surfing the net.

MedConnect: With professionals, CME, rounds, job lines, and forums.

Anesthesiology resource page

American Dental Assn: 
ADA homepage

Internet Dermatology Society: Dermatology resource

Emergency Medicine and Primary Care:

Diabetic Data Center: Diabetic resource page

Gastroenterology Web: Gastroenterology resource

Eldercare Web: Geriatrics resource page

Centers for Disease Control:
Infectious disease resource

Food & Nutrition Info Center: Nutrition resource page

CancerNet: Cancer resource page

American Academy of Pediatrics: Pediatrics resource

Virtual Pharmacy: Pharmaceuticals library
and resource

Physical Therapy Central: Physical therapy resource

Prevention Online: Online substance abuse resource

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