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Occupational Medicine

Riggins Clinic and Syringa General Hospital  Physical Therapy Department have joined together to provide Riggins employers with local services aimed at reducing workplace injury, losses of time and money due to employee injury. These services include:

  • Establishment of Light Duty Positions

  • Acute Physical Therapy for Workplace Injuries

  • Work Conditioning Program

  • Ergonomics Program

  • Building Functional Job Descriptions

  • Work Station/ Computer Ergonomics

  • Wellness Programs

Ergonomics Program

Our Ergonomics Program includes an evaluation of work site conditions by a physical therapist with recommendations for risk reduction and education of management and staff regarding risk conditions.

We also offer pre-work, post-offer employee screening which includes pre-employment physicals and physical therapy screening simulating the potential work environment. The assessment evaluates lifting capabilities and teaches correct biomechanical lifting techniques and body posture.

More Services

  1. We help you to build appropriate job descriptions and light duty positions within your organization
  2. We provide acute rehab services and work conditioning locally aimed at returning employees to work in a safe and timely fashion.
  3. We help you assess the workplace and computer workstations for risk of injury and plan improvements.
  4. We offer employee wellness programs on stress management, fitness, and diet.

Wellness Programs keep employees healthy and productive

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